Snorkeling in Guam: Top Islands And Beaches

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Guam In A Nutshell

Guam is a U.S. island in Micronesia. It’s clear, tranquil waters are one of the reasons why snorkeling is such a popular hobby in this location. There are tons of colorful fish to enjoy, together with impressive underwater scenes. Another big advantage is that the water always seems to be at the right temperature.

Popular Spots In A Nutshell

Some of the most popular spots for snorkeling include Ypao Beach, Gun Beach, and the Spanish Steps, among others. In northern Guam sits Gun Beach, one of the most gorgeous beaches in the world. Ypao Beach is located at the southern tip of Tumon Bay, a well-known marine reserve in the area. In fact, Ypao Beach can be considered a natural aquarium that allows you to view tons of coral gardens and very colorful fish.

The Spanish Steps is another popular beach spot. Some even call it the most breathtaking snorkel site on the entire island. While you’re there, you can experience high cliffs and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean, not to mention waters that are just the right depth. You can go snorkeling with a buddy or join one of the available tours. Regardless of which one you choose, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing experience.

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Tips To Know About

Guam is well-known for it’s scuba diving opportunities, but please don’t get the idea that snorkeling isn’t as good. Most locations are easy to access and provide great underwater visibility. You’ll have some of the most diverse reef life right at your doorstep. If you’re going to snorkel in Guam, it’s best to follow a few simple tips first:

  • Be respectful of the reef life in Guam. They can take hundreds of years to grow, so never stand on them or take things from them. Leave everything the way it is. Avoid snorkel fish food as well.
  • Keep in mind that Spanish Steps, Haputo, and Double Reef are located on U.S. military installations and therefore have limited accessibility near the shore. To visit these sites, you’ll have to contact base security to help you figure out how to get to them.
  • Stay within your comfort zone. If you find that the currents are too strong, forget about snorkeling for the day.
  • When visiting a site you’ve never visited before, take someone along with you who is familiar with the area. This way, you won’t have any trouble getting back to your car at the end of the day.

Whether you’re a beginning snorkeler or an advanced one, you can easily find a spot on this amazing island to accommodate you. Indeed, when it comes to snorkeling, Guam truly offers something for everyone. If you’re curious about some of the best snorkel sites in Guam, you’re in luck because below are 10 of the best spots on the island, and none of them will ever disappoint.

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Top 10 Snorkel Locations In Guam

Anae Island

You can only get to this island with a boat or kayak, but there is a good reason why it always makes the list of top snorkeling spots. It offers beautiful sea life creatures and some extraordinary rock formations. If you go at high or rising tides, you can view shrimp, crabs, and even snails hanging out on the shallow rock cliffs.

Cabras Island

When visiting this island, your best bet is to park at Family Beach, which also offers some amazing snorkel opportunities. Hike over the breakwater to get to the area north of Cabras island, which is also the northern boundary of Apra Harbor. Since it’s somewhat more difficult to get to than other locations, this area is a little less crowded. You can also see the eye-catching coral heads, some of which are the size of a car.

Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is easier to get to when you use a boat or kayak. The buoys just south of Agat Marina will tell you where they are. You’ll see lots of coral formations, of course, and while not all of them provide great snorkeling opportunities, many of them do. You can also see tons of beautiful things, especially if you use one of the existing structures to free-dive down and get a closer look.

Double Reef

If you really want to get away from it all, Double Reef is where you should go. If you hike, it will take you roughly one hour to get there (each way), and this includes a long trail of sharp limestone. Nevertheless, once you get there you might just have the entire place to yourself. Of course, the two rows of impressive reef are nothing short of spectacular.

Gab Gab Beach

Gab Gab Beach is located on a Naval base. It’s a perfect location for beginners. You can enter and exit very easily. There are tons of fish, colorful corals, and even an occasional sea turtle for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for the ultimate snorkel experience that isn’t difficult to maneuver, this is the place to be.

Gun Beach

At the northernmost point in Tumon lies Gun Beach, which is not only gorgeous but also contains snorkel spots that are very easy to access. When the water is calm, you can enjoy tons of sea life. When it isn’t, all you have to do is follow the pipe out and back to the point where it creates an opening through the reef.

Haputo Beach

Haputo Beach is perfect for free-diving through underwater passageways and various tunnels (make sure to stay safe, or simply avoid them). The coral formations are just some of the many life forms to enjoy. You can also experience crab, fish, and eels, and the mushroom-shaped rock formation is certain to catch your attention. The hike back up is somewhat steep, so keep that in mind.

Piti Bomb Holes

This is one of Guam’s marine reserves and is super easy to get to. To get there, just park south of the Fish Eye Marine Park in Piti and follow the pier until it gets to the deeper waters. You’ll experience an abundance of sea life, including trumpet fish, barracuda, and sergeant majors. High tide allows you to swim past the eel grass.

Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps is located at the tip of the Orote Peninsula and is one of the most breathtaking sites on the entire island of Guam. There, you are surrounded by many tall cliffs and the high walls of Orote Island. Spanish Steps is a shallow cove and a great place to go if you want to view octopus, clownfish, jacks, and even small black-tip reef sharks.

Ypao Beach

This is yet another spot that is easy to access. It’s located at the southern tip of Tumon Bay and one of the five marine preserves found in Guam. Fishing in the area is restricted, which means you’ll have tons of fish to see each time you go underwater. It’s a spectacular place that will not disappoint, regardless of what you went there for.

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Guam Climate


The tropical climate offers warm days all year round. Temperatures usually stay somewhere between 75 – 88 °F with little difference between individual months.


There is a good amount of rain, especially in July, August, September and October. February, March and April show the least amount of rain, even though rainy storms are not uncommon.

Sea Temperature

Like we already mentioned, the sea temperature is extremely comfortable all year round. It’s pretty constant between 82 and 84 °F.

More details about the climate in Guam can be found here.

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Conclusion And Final Words

Guan is a lovely tropical island with loads of excellent snorkel locations. The sea temperature is very comfortable all year round which allows you to observe colorful fish almost every day.

We listed 10 snorkel locations of which some are also mentioned in the video. That should give you a better understanding of the scenery and how the marine life looks like. We provided a few tips on what to be aware of, however, we always advise our article about snorkeling and the environment. Let’s all keep our planet healthy.

Snorkel tours are available in case you prefer a guide that knows the best spots. Here’s a list on Viator that covers both snorkel excursions and other adventures. You can go kayaking or visit some lovely beaches to relax, just to mention a few of your options.

Since the scenery is absolutely amazing, if you can, try to bring a camera. We have an interesting article (if we may say so) about snorkeling with a GoPro. Loads of tips and tricks to be aware of in case you’re curious. Always a great memory for later.

If you bring valuable objects, don’t forget to bring a waterproof bag or case. Even though the crime rate in Guam seems to be relatively low, always take good care of your belongings. Another tip would be to wear a snorkel rash guard whenever you enter rocky areas. They can’t protect you from every sort of injury, but every little piece of protection helps.

If you ever make it to this beautiful island, have fun and enjoy all it’s beauty!

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